The best Tofino restaurants are often described as providing breathtaking views, serving delicious food, or having a great ambiance. They combine the best of what this seaside town offers into one incredible experience. 

I’ve been visiting Tofino for over twenty years, and as a foodie, I make a point to visit and revisit restaurants each year. If you are wondering which restaurants to enjoy first, I’ve got you covered!

But First – Why Is Tofino So Popular?

Located just off Vancouver Island, Tofino is minutes from some of Canada’s best beaches and national parks, home to incredible wildlife like black bears, sea lions, and bald eagles.

The town itself may be small, but Tofino has a unique vibe. The people are fun and quirky; the art is wild and beautiful, and best of all? Tofino food is terrific. With that said, let’s discover the best gastronomic experiences that Tofino has to offer.

The Best Tofino Restaurants

With so many choices, it’s hard to narrow down the best Tofino restaurants. Here are some of the best places in town for you to discover on your next trip out west!

Wolf in the Fog

salad at tofino restaurant wolf in the fog

If you are a foodie, you must dine at Wolf in the Fog. The restaurant regularly lands on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants Awards list and uses ingredients sourced locally from Tofino’s backyard – meaning you can enjoy fresh fish or veggies straight off the boat.

With an emphasis on sustainability as well as creativity with Pacific Northwest flavors and delightfully playful dishes, it truly exemplifies why this local favorite should be added to your dining plans while in Tofino.

My kids declared that the burger at Wolf in the Fog is “the best burger they have ever tasted” and beg us to go back every time we are in Tofino! You can order anything on the menu, and you will likely feel the same way as my kids. The flavors are mouthwateringly delicious and oh-so-fresh.

There is a reason why Wolf in the Fog is always on everyone’s list of the best restaurants in Tofino. It is simply amazing, and we return to visit every year.

Be sure to book a reservation well in advance, I’m talking months, as this restaurant is one of the best Tofino restaurants for a reason.

The bill for our family of four, including alcoholic drinks for parents, was $259.06, including tip.

150 Fourth St, Tofino, BC /

Shelter Restaurant

The Shelter Restaurant in Tofino is a dining destination for the whole family. They have an outdoor patio and indoor fireside rooms with cozy seating areas to enjoy some surf bowls or their delicious dishes created from ingredients sourced locally on Meares Island – all year round!

601 Campbell St /


sobo tofino restaurants

One local favorite spot for foodie enthusiasts looking to experience something new on their West Coast trip is Sobo. This family-run restaurant started small with just one truck serving international dishes before evolving into an established hotspot.

The Polenta fries are to die for, and the atmosphere is fun and trendy. Our family of four enjoyed a selection of dishes from the menu, including mushroom pizza, mac and cheese, falafel wrap, polenta fries, miso soup, and soba noodle salad.

The bill for our family of four, including alcoholic drinks for parents, was $77 + tip.

311 Neill St /

The Pointe Restaurant

The Pointe Restaurant at the world-renowned Wickaninnish Inn is a must-go for anyone who wants to experience fine dining with an intimate, elegant atmosphere. If you are looking for unique places to eat in Tofino, this will fit the bill perfectly.

With one of the most spectacular views on the Pacific Coast and locally sourced ingredients, this might also be the only restaurant in Tofino you’ll find that has a dress code!

500 Osprey Lane /

The Schooner Restaurant

the schooner a tofino restaurant

Are you looking for a steak and seafood restaurant? Look no further than The Schooner Restaurant in Tofino. This historic restaurant has been serving seafood since 1949, is best known for its admiral’s plate, and offers a great steak menu that’s hard to beat.

331 Campbell St /

1909 Kitchen

1909 restaurant in tofino

If you’re looking for a modern twist on classic Canadian dishes, then head over to 1909 Kitchen. The menu at this West Coast-style restaurant reflects the local cuisine that’s based on fresh ingredients. In addition, you can find many seafood items, including some caught just yesterday.

Imagine a world where the food you eat tastes as if it comes straight off of some faraway shore. 1909 Kitchen in Tofino offers this very thing – fresh seafood prepared with locally sourced ingredients for an experience that embodies all things wild and free-range.

They also offer some amazing wood-fired pizzas, which are a hit for kids and parents alike.

Our dinner as a family of four cost $83 + tip. We ordered drinks (alcoholic for parents!) and pizzas.

634 Campbell St /


shed restaurant in tofino bc

Shed is great for kids, for families, for a nice meal out, and for all of the above. Burgers, veggie burgers, bowls, and salads are all done quickly and deliciously.

Shed is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink and catch up on all your favorite people-watching activities. Their patio has plenty of space, and they also have an excellent kids’ menu.

461 Campbell St /

The Great Room at Long Beach Lodge

Located at Long Beach Lodge, The Great Room is just that. Surrounded by timber frames, you can enjoy a meal or cocktails while losing yourself in the great views of the Pacific Ocean. One of my favorite Tofino restaurants for brunch, I could just sit and sip my coffee all day, enjoying the views out over Cox Bay Beach.

This is one of the best places to eat in Tofino if your accommodations are on Cox Bay Beach.

My husband and I enjoyed a child-free meal at brunch, and our bill was $50 + tip with no alcoholic drinks.

1441 Pacific Rim Hwy /

The Hatch Waterfront Pub & Grill

Located on the water, adjacent to the 1909 Kitchen that serves the same menu, The Hatch restaurant is more relaxed and casual.

The horseshoe-shaped bar provides an atmosphere perfect for socializing with friends while you enjoy sweeping views of Tofino Inlet. For those traveling families looking for some kid-friendly options, there’s a great kids’ menu with wood-fired pizzas.

634 Campbell St

Wildside Grill

Wildside Grill is an outdoor eatery in Tofino. Its fish and chips are some of the best you’ll ever eat, and it has covered areas for when it rains or gets too hot outside. There will always be a line during peak seasons, summer especially being no exception.

1180 Pacific Rim Hwy /

Best Taco Truck in Tofino

When it comes to dining, there’s no beating the original. The Tacofino truck has been a staple of Tofino since its humble beginnings behind a surf shop. It remains one point that everyone who visits this coastal town must experience at least once in their lifetime.

Using only quality ingredients from Vancouver Island seafood, such as lingcod or halibut, before they’re fried up tempura style, just how you like them with some chipotle mayo slathered all over those crunchy fresh veggies.

1184 Pacific Rim Hwy /

Best Tofino Restaurants With a View:

One of Tofino’s biggest attractions is the view of the ocean. Dining out in a great restaurant with a beautiful view will make your visit much more special.

The Pointe Restaurant

Expect local cuisine and seafood done to perfection in this spectacular setting. Ideal for romantic settings, it is located on the beautiful Chesterman Beach in the Wickaninnish Inn.

Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and particularly lovely if you are celebrating a special event in your life, like an anniversary or wedding. And for a close-up view, be sure to ask about the beach crab cookout.

The Great Room

woman enjoying coffee

Located at Long Beach Lodge, The Great Room is just that. Surrounded by timber frames, it is a place to enjoy a meal or cocktails while losing yourself in the incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.

The Hatch Waterfront Pub

Whether you are looking for a great meal or a few drinks on the patio, The Hatch Waterfront Pub is an excellent choice. However, if you want to take in a working lunch, you will be distracted by the breathtaking views.

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort (Ucluelet)

Situated right on the water in Ucluelet, Black Rock Resort has a fantastic atmosphere for dining. It’s also very kid-friendly and best enjoyed during sunset for those epic views. Although located a 30-minute drive from Tofino, it is worth the drive to experience this restaurant setting.

There are two restaurants at Black Rock Resort; one serves casual fare, and the other is closer to fine dining. We opted for the casual fare for our family dinner and enjoyed fish and chips and seafood chowder. Our kids opted for traditional kids’ menu burgers and fries. Our dinner for a family of four was $137 + tip, including alcoholic drinks for parents.

Best Tofino Restaurants for Seafood:

The Schooner

Great food, great views, great atmosphere, great staff. Expect local seafood followed by a glorious dessert. 

1909 Kitchen 

The ambiance alone will make you think of fresh seafood. Locally sourced food from the area will amaze you, but you can also bring in your fresh catch of the day.

Stunning views, beautiful restaurants, and a perfect atmosphere make every visit here well worth it. So whether it’s dinner with the family or drinks on the patio with friends, don’t miss it!

Wolf in the Fog

Great seafood with vegetarian options, stunning rustic decor, and a fantastic menu to match the amazing views. Have a snack and a few drinks on the patio, or enjoy a full meal for a special occasion or just because.

Shelter Restaurant

Enjoy fresh food locally sourced from the area. Uniquely Canadian, everyone will find something on the menu. Excellent fresh seafood, steaks, salads, and vegetarian options, as well.

Best Ice Cream in Tofino:

If you’ve just enjoyed a great meal out but are not ready to go home yet, why not try out some freshly made ice cream? Who doesn’t love a sweet treat after a great dinner out?

Chocolate Tofino

chocolate tofino storefront

It’s a great day for ice cream! Chocolate Tofino is the place to go when you are looking for an array of flavors that are made fresh and in-house.

If your tastes run more toward chocolatey things, then look no further. Their chocolates are made using sustainable cocoa from local farms, where it grows well without destroying pristine natural environments like so many other crops do nowadays.

Try out their lavender honey gelato flavor-creamy smooth with just enough floral kick at every bite. Their salted caramel is incredible and comes in a vegan version as well.

For our family of four, our bill for four gelato cones was $27 + tip.

1180A Pacific Rim Hwy /

Best Kid-Friendly Tofino Restaurants:

For families looking for a kid-friendly place to eat, there are plenty of options for all of you, too.

Surfside Grill at Pacific Sands Resort

colorful chairs at surfside grill tofino

Surfside Grill at Pacific Sands Beach Resort isn’t just for guests. You can stop by for lunch or dinner, even if you aren’t staying at the resort, and relax at one of the many picnic tables or fire tables. It is a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and offers a great view of the resort layout and of the beach just beyond the resort buildings.

Surfside offers fantastic fish tacos, burgers, both meat and vegetarian, and the yummiest fries in Tofino! Our family enjoyed kids’ burgers and fish tacos, and our bill for a family of four with no drinks was $53 + tip.

Wildside Grill

This place is great, even for your pickiest eaters. They serve fish and Chips, fries, tacos, poutine, burgers, and vegetarian choices. It’s great for takeaway or a quick bite outside on their picnic tables.


Originally a very popular food truck, this place has come into its own. The menu features a lot of seafood, divided into small and big dishes. Their most popular pizzas are still served during dinner and lunch hours.

The Hatch & 1909 Kitchen

Relaxed atmosphere and a great kids’ menu featuring wood-fired pizzas, The Hatch and 1909 Kitchen are best for a family looking to have a leisurely dinner out in Tofino.

Tofino is a breathtaking seaside town, and the best restaurants in this area take advantage of how beautiful it is. The views, food, and ambiance all come together to create an unforgettable experience for those who visit.

If you’re looking for a great place to eat while visiting our West Coast community, check out one of these top Tofino Restaurants. This list should make your decision-making process much more manageable when deciding where to dine with friends or family during your next vacation here on Vancouver Island.

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