Meet Karpiak Caravan


We are an adventure travel loving family who loves history, has an obsession with France, will always head to vineyards on child-free getaways and endlessly explores our beautiful province of British Columbia.

We try to incorporate and expose our young boys to educational travel and one of our favourite trips to date was our WWII themed adventure across the Normandy Coast.

We happen to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the west coast of British Columbia and we heavily document our road trips to one of the many locations surrounding our home in the Okanagan.

We started our Adventure Family Travel Blog in 2020 following our WWII inspired road trip through France and have been collaborating with brands, hotels and resorts to inspire other families to experience adventure and educational family travel.


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Casandra Karpiak

My husband often refers to me as a nomad. I moved roughly seventeen times after I turned 16 before marrying Andrew at 30 and cannot live one day without having any travel plans in the works. I grew up north of Toronto and spent my childhood in ice rinks. My first passion was hockey and during those days long ago there were no girls teams so I played with boys. And skated circles around them! I worked as a model for many years and ended up moving to Los Angeles for five years (while simultaneously getting my degree in International Business) and then making the career move to makeup artist. I moved to Vancouver where I met Andrew and worked in the film industry in the makeup department. 

And then in 2012 my life forever changed when I became a mom and fell deep in love with Holter and then two years later with Heath. I LOVE being a mom. I love everything about it. I love traveling with my boys and coaching them in hockey. I love that my husband makes us all laugh endlessly and agrees to most of my travel ideas. 

My father and brother are both journalists so the love of writing runs deep in my family and I always knew I would end up writing in some form or another. Karpiak Caravan has become a resource to provide information and inspiration to families around the world who are looking to incorporate adventure and education into their own travel plans.

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Our first born miracle baby loves almost every single sport and wants to do as many of them as we will allow him to do! His first love is hockey. He lives and breathes it and will often be found in our basement practicing his shot or his goalie moves like his idol Carey Price. Holter is our sweet, sensitive and emotional boy but is a force to be reckoned with on the hockey rink or soccer field. He loves amusement parks, surfing and he fell in love with horses during our collaboration with Three Bars Guest Ranch in Cranbrook, BC.

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Andrew is the D’arcy to Casandra’s Elizabeth and she’s the Bonnie to his Clyde. He is everything Casandra is not. Funny, loud and unfiltered and because of Andrew our lives are never boring. He is obsessed with basketball and can barely skate backwards. His real life job is as a realtor, and a successful one at that. He loves to talk to people, anywhere, anytime, especially in grocery check out lines. He makes sure to include the “real life content” that has become a favourite part of our blog. He loves to share historical facts about the places we visit and is responsible for all of our drone footage that is captured. Andrew is just awesome and the reason we laugh and smile endlessly together. But best of all is he takes care of us. Whether it is navigating a D Road in France or holding my hand during turbulence, life is better because he is there.

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Heath came into this world making noise and has not stopped since. He is even more talkative than his dad and is always, always commenting on everything around him. He keeps us on our toes and never lets us miss a beat. He gives the best hugs and always reminds us how much he loves us. Did I mention that he talks ALL DAY LONG?!! He literally falls asleep talking to himself. He loves riding his bike and playing with our dog Oreo. He also plays hockey and does it well even though he is talking the whole time he is on the ice! Heath helps us with our travel content by seeing it through a child’s eyes….and hearing every detail of what he sees as he sees it.

about our adventure family travel blog

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Karpiak Caravan is all about discovering new adventures, both locally and internationally.Learning about the history of each place we travel is a priority for our family. Education is a focus during our travels, whether that is learning about ranch life on a dude ranch or visiting the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy. We are more of DIY travel family so you won’t often find us at all-inclusive resorts unless they are steeped in historical locations where educational travel is possible.

Family travel is fun but it is also important for parents to get away on child-free vacations. We often escape to the vineyards of BC’s wine country or Napa Valley for some adults only time and wine tasting. We love wine, great food and villas set in vineyards. On our child-free travel adventures, we make sure that our educational travel continues, usually involving learning about viticulture and unique terroirs.

If you are a brand who would like to work with us and would be a good fit for our readers, please visit our Work With Us page to discuss your project. We love doing sponsored collaborations with brands that identify with our adventure family travel blog.