Vancouver Mainland

Vancouver At A Glance

The Vancouver Mainland region of British Columbia is a dynamic and diverse area that offers a compelling mix of natural beauty, urban energy, and cultural richness.

Stretching from the bustling metropolis of Vancouver out to the Fraser Valley, this region is a mix of experiences.

Visitors are drawn to its stunning landscapes, from the majestic North Shore mountains to the tranquil beaches along the Pacific coast. Outdoor enthusiasts will find a paradise in the myriad of hiking trails, ski resorts, and water sports available.

woman and son standing at railing at Canada Place in Vancouver


English (Chinese is also heavily spoken in the Richmond area)

Best Time to Visit:

The late spring to early fall, from May to September. During these months, the weather is most favorable, with mild to warm temperatures and less rainfall.

Famous Landmarks:

– Stanley Park
– Whistler
– Steveston
– Bowen Island
– Harrison Hot Springs