When traveling with kids, it can be difficult to find a hotel that is both kid-friendly and in a great location. If you are looking for these two qualities when staying on Guernsey with kids then we recommend Hotel Jerbourg to explore more of this amazing island!

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The last stop on our WWII adventure was hands down the best of the trip. When we were deciding where to stay in Guernsey with kids, we knew we wanted both a pool and a location that was near some historic WWII sites to explore. Hotel Jerbourg sits high above Jerbourg point on the south east corner of the island and provides easy access to explore that part of the island.

Where is Guernsey

Guernsey is located in the English Channel and is a small, British Crown dependency off of France. Guernsey consists of two main islands which are known as the Guernsey island and Alderney Island. Guernsey was made famous by the novel and subsequent movie “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Guernsey has an amazing family-friendly feel to it because there are so many things for kids to do on this island such as visiting museums, going on the most spectacular hikes, playing in the beautiful nature, and more.

How to Get to Guernsey

The easiest way to arrive on Guernsey is to fly from London Gatwick. There are also flights from London Stansted, Manchester, East Midlands, Bristol, Southhampton, Exeter, Birmingham, Norwich and Leeds Bradford. And starting May 2020, Loganair with be offering direct flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

You can also get to Guernsey via Condor Ferries from the UK or France. We took the ferry from St Malo to Guernsey with a quick immigration stop in Jersey. Manche Iles Express offers a passenger only ferry service from Diélette, Carteret and Granville during the summer months.

How to get around Guernsey

The best way to get around Guernsey is to rent a car, but there are also buses and taxi cabs. You can rent a car at the airport or at one of the car rental agencies on Guernsey. The bus service in Guernsey is called “Guidée” and it’s operated by private companies under contract to the States of Guernsey. You can purchase a pass for your whole stay, which includes taxes and discounts, from £34 per pass.

Map of Guernsey

map of guernsey

Why Choose Hotel Jerbourg for kids

Hotel Jerbourg is located in the south-east part of Guernsey. The hotel is situated ten minutes from the picturesque town of Saint Peters Port and offers a range of amenities for families, including an outdoor heated swimming pool. In addition to amazing views from their rooms overlooking the ocean, Hotel Jerbourg offers access to fantastic hiking trails right from the steps of the hotel.

Hotel Jerbourg Amenities

In addition to its stylish rooms, with views ranging from sea to countryside, Hotel Jerbourg has a restaurant, bar and pool all on the property. The hotel also offers complimentary wifi throughout both floors of the building as well as free parking for guests to use during their stay with us.

The pool at Hotel Jerbourg is open during the summer months and there is an outdoor poolside bar for those days when you just want to relax. The pool overlooks the beautiful bay and beach, so you can enjoy the view while you swim.

For those travellers interested in WWII landmarks on the island, Guernsey was an important port during WWII for the British to keep their supply lines open and they still have a number of bunkers you can visit throughout the area, and one is located right behind the pool.

Restaurant at Hotel Jerbourg

The restaurant at Hotel Jerbourg, features a new menu every few weeks with fresh produce from local farmers as well as high-quality imported ingredients. The restaurant at Hotel Jerbourg is a great place for families to stop in for lunch or dinner. The menu includes many light and fresh options such as tuna tartare, roast beef with a horseradish sauce or mixed lobster salad.

The menu at Hotel Jerbourg changes every few weeks to offer seasonal dishes that feature the freshest produce available from local producers plus high-quality imported ingredients – for example, spring is all about truffle mashed potato!

The Dessert Bar and Cliff Top Coffee Shop is open all day, serving breakfast from 07:00 until 11:30. The Dessert Bar offers a wide range of delicious desserts, traditional cakes and pastries as well as an irresistible selection of boutique chocolates. This is a must-visit for the chocoholic!

Types of rooms at Hotel Jerbourg

Hotel Jerbourg offers a range of accommodation options, from spacious superior rooms with a balcony and sea views to family suites that have two bedrooms. The family suites at Hotel Jerbourg have a spacious and modern living area, perfect for when you want to unwind with your family after exploring Guernsey.

Our stay at Hotel Jerbourg was wonderful. The staff were incredibly accommodating when we arrived before check-in, their family suite was spacious and had an incredible view of the ocean, we were able to hike right from the property and we made use of the pool on the days we just needed a break from all our hiking.

Room-service is available 24 hours so if you fancy an evening in the hotel without leaving the comfort of home – just order from our extensive menu and enjoy it on one of the large comfy sofa’s.

All the bedrooms at Hotel Jerbourg are designed to be comfortable for all guests, whether they’re travelling on business or leisure – they even offer free WiFi throughout the hotel so you can stay connected during your visit.

Hotel Jerbourg with kids

We stayed at Hotel Jerbourg on the island’s south east tip for many reasons and we were so happy with our choice. As this was the last stop on our WWII inspired vacation, the main reason we chose to stay here was that there was an authentic German-built bunker right on the property and many more bunkers surrounded it.  It was also one of the few hotels listed on the Guernsey Island Occupation Trail.

When we arrived in Guernsey with kids we went straight to the Guernsey Information Center and received a Guernsey Occupation Trail Passport where we could visit WWII sites and get it stamped inside the venues on the route. Our boys loved finding each site and getting their passport stamped!

WWII family travel Guernsey Island 4a 1
German built bunker behind Hotel Jerbourg, Guernsey Island

Hiking on Guernsey

The hiking on Guernsey is truly spectacular. There are hikes everywhere, all over the island. We were able to hike right from our hotel for as long or as far as our legs would take us. Often we would take walks after dinner, stepping out onto the path behind the hotel and following a different trail every time.

The hiking options at Jerbourg Point are varied and of a good length – there are plenty for the whole family to enjoy and they are accessible right from the steps of the hotel. Hiking at Jerbourg Point means a mix of woodland, headland and beach scenery.

Hiking is free to enjoy but for those who want an expert guide on their hike there are options available too – just ask at reception. Our favourite hike on Jerbourg Point was to some of the many hidden German built bunkers from WWII. Guernsey was occupied by Germany for five years and as a result there is much evidence of the occupation all around the island.

The best hikes on Jerbourg Point are the ones that take you to some of these bunkers – it’s great to see this reminder of Guernsey’s past and just how well intact these bunkers are. We found endless bunkers in pristine condition and very hike was an adventure because everywhere we turned we discovered something new. 

Which popular attractions are close to Hotel Jerbourg?

The popular attractions on Guernsey near Hotel Jerbourg are Jerbourg Point, the Little Chapel, German Naval Signals HQ and the German Occupation Museum.

What restaurants are close to Hotel Jerbourg?

The restaurants close by are The Old Quarter Restaurant, Fat Rascal (British), Le Nautique (Seafood) and Village East (Mediterranean). If you are exploring Saint Peters Port, we highly recommend The Terrace Garden Cafe for dining with kids on Guernsey. It has a patio overlooking the port and the food was delicious.

How Far is Hotel Jerbourg from Saint Peters Port?

Hotel Jerbourg is approximately 5km from Saint Peters Port and the drive takes ten minutes. The roads on Guernsey are relatively small and windy, so be sure to take precautions when driving. There is bus service from Saint Peters Port to Hotel Jerbourg. Bus service takes about half an hour and will cost £11.

When is the best time to visit Guernsey

The best time to visit Guernsey is in the summertime. The temperatures are a bit more moderate and there is less chance of rain, which can make things quite unpleasant for traveling with kids. Guernsey has exceptionally mild winters so it’s not as bad to travel during this time either – provided you’re prepared for some colder days.

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society Fans

For visitors who have read Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, Hotel Jerbourg is a place of legend. This hotel is just footsteps away from La Bouvee Farm, the path to Fermain and Jerbourg Cliffs.

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society Fans will be delighted to know that while they are staying in this beautiful location, there are many chances to explore Guernsey through tours or self-guided walking paths. Make sure to stop in at the Guernsey Tourism Office located in Saint Peters Port for more information as they have plenty to offer regarding this book and the movie.

Where to Stay in Guernsey with Kids

Hotel Jerbourg offers a great family-friendly atmosphere, with plenty of amenities for all ages to enjoy. The staff is accommodating and helpful, the rooms are spacious and comfortable, and it’s located just outside Saint Peters Port which means you can be anywhere in Guernsey within minutes. If you’re looking for an ideal place to stay when visiting this beautiful island with your kids or grandkids, look no further than hotel Jerbourg.

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  1. judean says:

    I am not usually a fan of history but this post really outlined something I would be interested in. The bunkers for sure would be awesome to explore. I am glad they are maintained and you can go inside them for the experience.

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    I read the book a couple of years ago and then watched the movie on Netflix when it came out. I would love to visit. It looks amazing!

    • caskarpiak says:

      Thank you! You should watch the Netflix film “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” if you have never heard of the island. It is a great movie!

  3. Debbie says:

    Great pics. So awesome that you can explore those bunkers. This whole part of the trip looked wonderful. Glad you were able to go when you did.

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    We have been here once and we were supposed to be going back next month but alas, that won’t be happening…sigh.

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    This definitely goes to my list of must visit places. How gorgeous it is! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pictures!

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    I love to visit historical places, and this one looks like a must-visit. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed every bit of the pictures, and it seems the boys are enjoying it too.

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    Such a cool trip! This is on my list. My grandfather flew in WWII and I’ve always wanted to go visit his base, where he was shot down, etc.

    • caskarpiak says:

      My husband’s great uncle was shot down in Ranville, France and we visited that site and the War Cemetery where he is buried. It was quite an experience for all of us. I write about it in Part Two of my post. I highly recommend visiting your grandfather’s base etc!

  8. Tara says:

    I loved this post because I am looking at doing some type of historical WWII trip with my boys in a few years. My oldest is 10 and he is in love with learning all things historical and about the world wars. Once my youngest gets to be a little older, this will be a fantastic post to go back to when planning – thanks for the information!

    • caskarpiak says:

      My youngest was five and he loved it! There is so much for them to physically touch and explore which was so helpful. It truly was one of our best trips we have done and I’m sure you will have a good experience too when you get a chance to go!

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    This place looks fantastic! I would enjoy learning and seeing all of these places. I would also love to take my son to The Explorers hotel!

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