When Is The  Best Day to  Book Flights to Find Cheap Deals?

Making a good travel plan can allow you flexibility and plan accordingly to find the best deals on flights.

Let’s break down how to figure out which day is the best day to book flights.

The Best Day to Book Flights

The best day to book flights is when you find the best deal. The earlier you book your flights, the better.

According to Expedia, the perfect day to book a flight is Sunday, and not Friday. For domestic travelers, booking on Sunday could save up to 5%, and international travelers could save up to 10%.

What is the Best Day to Travel?

If you want to travel to find the best deals and cheapest flights out there, you must have flexibility.

What Makes The Prices Change?

There are a couple of reasons the price of flights changes so often. Here are a few factors that make prices change.

The Season of Travel

Many people will be traveling if it is a holiday week or weekend, allowing the airline industry to take advantage of the high demand.

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