7 Best Washington Coast Attractions You Must Experience

The Washington coast is often overshadowed by the mighty, mountainous peaks that sit inland, but it more than deserves a little recognition.

You could spend weeks along this stretch of shoreline and still not see it all, so here are a few highlights to get you started.

Hole in the Wall Trail

One of the best has to be the astonishing Hole in the Wall Trail. For the most part, you’ll be hiking along the beach itself, so you can see the Olympic coast.

Visit Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is one of the best in the Pacific Northwest. The vast amount of driftwood logs on the beach forms an adult obstacle course.

Surf the Washington Coast

5 out of 5

When you think of Washington state, the first thing that comes to mind is not usually surfing. But think about it, Washington has a lot of stunning coastlines.

Cape Disappointment State Park

There are views for days, superb beaches, two lighthouses, the remains of a fort, forests to hike, and a campsite!

Whale Watching

The Washington coast offers some of the best whale watching opportunities in the US. We would say it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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