Visit a Dude Ranch That  Was Once Owned by Val Kilmer's Family

Looking for a different type of outdoor vacation?  Have you ever been to a dude ranch?

These all-inclusive ranch vacations offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a western ranch experience complete with cowboy activities, horseback riding, and western accommodations.

Vacation at a Ranch Formerly Owned by Val Kilmer’s Family

The ranch offers an authentic experience for those seeking a true cowboy vacation with its strong Western flavour.

Where Did Val Kilmer Live at Kay El Bar Guest Ranch?

When Val Kilmer’s family-owned Kay El Bar Ranch, he lived in Casa Monterey which is currently the office building.

What Does Kay El Bar Guest Ranch Offer?

The ranch primarily operates as a winter dude ranch but is open all year round with limited operations during Arizona’s hot summer season.

What to Pack For a Dude Ranch Vacation

The most important things to bring to a dude ranch are long sleeve shirts, good footwear for hiking, cowboy boots if you own them and of course, a cowboy hat.

Accommodation Options  – The Lodge Rooms

The majority of the accommodations are located in the Lodge, which all have private bathrooms and come in varying bedroom configurations.

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