US Airlines  That Get The Most And Least Consumer Complaints

Flight delays, trouble getting refunds, cancellations, and ballooning airfare are increasingly pushing U.S. travelers to file complaints with airlines this year.

Stacker ranked airlines by those which received the most customer complaints in March 2022, based on data from the 2022 Air Travel Consumer Report, released in May 2022.

Skywest Airlines

Regional airlines like Skywest are increasingly seeing their routes cut by the larger airlines they’re contracted by in favor of more profitable ones.

Horizon Airlines

The company is in the midst of transitioning its fleet to Embraer jets, which it says will improve operations and fuel efficiency.

Endeavor Air

Pilots’ push for higher wages comes as airlines struggle to hire and retain them, affecting flight operations and the number of routes airlines can offer travelers.

Mesa Airlines

Regional carriers like Mesa are seeing their pilots poached by larger airlines to address labor shortages, creating operational issues, according to airlines and analysts.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest’s pilots and customer care workers spent the month of May in tense contract renegotiations with their employer.

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