Travel Nightmares  (And How to Avoid Them)

There is no shortage of travel nightmares for the American tourist. Many of these happen in transit;  others hit once you’ve arrived in an unfamiliar place.

Here’s the list of America’s biggest travel nightmares and some tips to avoid them, ranked from #20 to #1.

Getting Separated/losing Your Travel Companion

Losing your travel companion is always annoying, but it’s especially frightening when traveling with kids and/or traveling abroad.

Being pick-pocketed

Anyone who’s traveled to Europe during tourist season knows to keep an eye out for pickpockets that target unsuspecting travelers.

Carry-On Got Lost/stolen

The main reason to carry on a piece of luggage is to save the time wasted at the baggage claim, but the other reason is to keep an eye on your bag throughout the travel.

Canceled Hotel Reservations

After a long day on the road or on a plane, the last thing a traveler wants is to arrive at a hotel and be told that their reservation has been canceled.

Got Lost/stranded

When traveling to somewhere unfamiliar, especially when the signs are in a different language, it’s easy to get lost.

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