Travel Books and Travel Movies That Inspired Our Trips

Many of us live vicariously through travel books and travel movies. We love hearing about other people’s adventures, and we often use them as inspiration for our own travels.

There is something about being transported somewhere new and seeing things with fresh eyes while learning lessons along every step of your journey. Here is a lost of travel movies and travel books.

Guernsey, UK

The movie was filmed in North Devon, and Bristol, UK, not Guernsey, but the book was so descriptive that I knew I wanted to see the actual island of Guernsey.

Excess Baggage

The Jasper Park Lodge is located in Alberta, Canada, and it is a stunning lodge surrounded by mountains and lakes. So it’s no wonder that the movie chose to film there.

Savannah, Georgia

5 out of 5

I can see why it is called the most haunted city in America. The book and movie are both very descriptive about Savannah’s history.

Before Sunset

Before Sunset is the second movie in the series, the first movie Before Sunrise was set in Vienna.

Los Angeles & Cotswolds

Los Angeles and the beautiful Cotswolds are the towns in which The Holiday was set. The Cotswolds part of the movie plot was filmed in the county of Surrey in the UK.

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