Travel Accessories Every Traveller Must Have

There are so many new travel accessories on the market in 2022 and we have found some of the absolute best travel products you probably didn’t know that you needed until now!

We have tested and traveled with all of the travel products we have listed here so that we could find the best of the best travel accessories for your next vacation.

ChargeCard by AquaVault

This ultra-thin portable charger is powerful and easily slips into your wallet. It comes with a variety of charging cables for both Apple and Android devices.

Lookstand Adjustable Phone Stand

This nifty gadget attaches to the back of any smartphone and extends up to a full 7-inch height so your phone is at the perfect ergonomic viewing angle.

Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker

5 out of 5

We do not travel anywhere without our Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker! We have tried many travel Bluetooth speakers but this one has become our favorite.


Pocketalk is a voice translator that converses in 82 different languages. I have google translate on my phone but it has never worked even remotely as well as Pocketalk!

FlightFūd’s Flight Elixir

Flight Elixir helps to reduce travel bloat, gas, and indigestion, restore energy and manage jet lag, support circulation, immunity, and hydration.

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