Things to Do in Philadelphia 

Philadelphia is the site of the first constitutional congress, the place where revolutionaries met to write and sign the Constitution of the United States.

Here are the best things to do in Philadelphia, and reasons why the city should be on your USA bucket list.

The Liberty Bell

The crack in the bell adds to its character. It’s been cracked most of its life, but that didn’t stop it from ringing, or from becoming an iconic symbol of freedom.

The Rocky Statue and Rocky Stairs

There is also a bronze statue of The Italian Stallion in the garden next to the stairs. Visit the museum to run up the stairs and grab a photo with the legend himself!

Eat an Authentic Cheesesteak

5 out of 5

One thing you must do when you are visiting Philadelphia is indulge in an authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.

Rittenhouse Square

The location of Rittenhouse Square adds to its magic. As it’s squarely in one of the most glamourous areas of the city.

Love Park

The statue is not the only reason to visit the plaza. The park also offers gorgeous fountains, walking trails, and lush green areas.

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