26 of The Best Things to do in Kamloops BC

It’s no secret that Kamloops is an amazing place to be. Many people visit the city every year, and for good reason – it offers a vast array of things to do.

Kamloops is a city in the Thompson Valley of BC located at the junction of the North and South Thompson Rivers. This pleasant city features bike and wildlife parks along with other interesting places.

Riverside Park

The best thing to do in Kamloops to really get a sense of the city is to head straight to Riverside Park.

Monte Creek Winery

This boutique winery was voted as Kamloops’ best wedding venue and wine tasting spot in 2020. The stone building architecture is stunning, with vineyard views.

5 out of 5

A visit to Kamloops wouldn’t be complete without having breakfast at the local favourite, Hello Toast.

Breakfast at Hello Toast

Sun Peaks Resort

Sun Peaks Resort is a 45-minute drive from Kamloops. Sun Peaks Resort is Canada’s second-largest ski area and with three mountains surrounding this European-style village.

Kenna Cartwright Park

Kenna Cartwright Park is one of the most popular in Kamloops with its location near town and extensive trail network ranging from easy to strenuous trails.

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