The Ultimate Packing List For Foreign Travel

I’ve found that using a master packing list of must-haves helps me remember the important stuff, and then everything outside that list is catered to the destination.

Whether traveling solo or in a group, an international packing list can help prepare you for anything.

Important Documents

Be sure to make copies of your passport (or take a picture on your phone) so that if it gets lost, you have an easy reference.

Travel Credit Cards

If you have credit cards with travel perks, then be sure to take those with you! No time like the present to make the most of those benefits.


Cash will get you out of a bind. Plus, any leftover bills can make for an excellent souvenir.

Important Phone Numbers

If you’re going to less developed countries, look up the phone numbers and location of the US Embassy.

Universal Adapter

Invest in a universal adapter to toss into your bag, and be prepared for any situation abroad.

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