Top Rated Airbnb in Every US State

Take a vacation planning shortcut by considering the top-rated Airbnb in every U.S. State.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that high ratings don’t mean large price tags. Most of these places are around $150 a night, and even a handful are under $100 a night.

1. Alabama’s Fairfield Farm Cottage

This quaint two-bedroom cottage not far from Mobile Bay is a peaceful, dog-friendly getaway.

2. Alaska’s Meadow Creek Cabin

Explore the area on the nearby paved bike path and return at night to catch views from the spacious private deck.

5 out of 5

3. Arizona’s Sedona Sunset Jewel

Enjoy Sedona in this studio guesthouse located in a quiet neighborhood cul de sac with stunning views, sunsets, and stargazing from the deck.

4. Arkansas’ Montclair Suite

This two-bedroom condo set amidst the Ouachita Mountains combines the privacy of an apartment rental and the warmth of a Bed & Breakfast.

5. California’s Mendocino Guest House

Relax on the cedar porch with a morning cup of coffee or watch the stars at night from the teak steamer chairs.

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