The Top  20 Things  to Do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is an amazing city with a bad reputation. Despite its flaws, it’s a great place to visit with a ton of history.

This list showcases the most famous historical locations, the best museums the city has to offer, and of course, the best things to eat in Philadelphia.

Independence Park

This is a 55-acre area owned and protected by the National Park Service, fully known as Independence National Historic Park.

The Liberty Bell

The bell would sound in the early days of our country to let members of congress know it was time to meet. It also served as a notification for townspeople to gather to hear the news.

5 out of 5

Independence Hall

Independence Hall is where both the constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

The museum is home to a wonderful collection of impressionist art, and you can find works by some of the most famous painters throughout history on its walls.

The Rocky Statue and Rocky Stairs

This is where Rocky Balboa finished his training montage in the iconic film Rocky.

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