The  Best of Raleigh, NC

If you’re new to Raleigh or visiting the area. It’s a welcoming city, it’s progressive (for the most part!) and as the capital of a gorgeous state, we think it’s the best.

Here’s the best of Raleigh, according to us, sharing our thoughts on categories like where to get coffee, beers, New York-style pizza, cocktails, brunch, and more. A lot of the locations are downtown or just near downtown.

Oakwood Pizza Box

Hands down, the best New York-style pizza in Raleigh is at Oakwood Pizza Box, which is in the historic Oakwood neighborhood of Raleigh. Anthony, one of the restaurant owners, is from Long Island so he knows pizza.

Lynwood Brewing Concern

Their beers are consistent and delicious. The atmosphere is fun and there’s plenty of indoor and outdoor space to enjoy. This location doesn’t have food but there’s Wilson’s right across the parking lot and you can get food from there and bring it into Lynwood.

Sushi O & Sushi Mon

5 out of 5

The best sushi in downtown Raleigh is Sushi O and Sushi Mon. If you live downtown it’s a walk away, with indoor and outdoor seating and good service.

Oak Steakhouse

We love Oak Steakhouse, which is a place we often go to for great food and drinks, and a great atmosphere. They have an extensive menu beyond steaks and the food’s always good.

Best Coffeshops

One of the nice things about downtown Raleigh, in particular, is you won’t find a lot of chains. The best coffee spots in downtown Raleigh boil down to two places: Heirloom Broomshop and Morning Times.

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