The  Best  Things  to do in Molokai 

Our post on The Best Things to do in Molokai will take you on a tour of the fifth largest island in Hawaii known as the “Friendly Isle.”

We have been visiting Molokai for over two decades! His parents bought a condo in the Ke Nani Kai condo complex in the west end of Molokai in the early ’80s and his family has been traveling there ever since.

Where is Molokai, HI?

Molokai is the fifth-largest of the Hawaiian islands measuring 38 miles long by 10 miles wide.

When is the best time to visit Molokai?

We have visited Molokai pretty much every month of the year and our answer is always the same. Anytime is a good time to visit Molokai.

The Best Beaches in Molokai

5 out of 5

The beaches found on this Hawaiian island provide some of the best things to do on Molokai because they are often empty and allow you to roam freely.

Papohaku Beach

Papohaku is on the western end of the island and provides three miles of stunningly sandy beach.

Kepuhi Beach

We have spent many sunsets on this beach, with a drink in hand, just sitting and enjoying the isolated feeling of being on the beach of Molokai.

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