20 of the Best Things to do in Austin, TX

Austin is easily accessible by air and by road. Austin international airport is right outside the city and accepts flights from various major airlines. Interstate 35 runs through the town, and Interstate 10 is directly south of Austin.

The city of Austin in central Texas is one of the best places to visit in the United States. It’s world-renowned for its music scene, hosting festivals such as Austin City Limits Music Festival and boasting over 250 live music venues.

6th Street

Rarely do you find an advertised destination that lives up to its hype, but Austin’s downtown 6th Street is the complete package. The city blocks off the street from traffic during the weekends to accommodate the crowds of people converging on the neighborhood.

Zilker Park

Zilker Park may lack the size and prominence of the historic Central Park in New York City, but it’s just as important to Austin. Located on the southwest side, Zilker sits on over 300 acres of park and provides spectacular city views.


5 out of 5

Held annually in March, the SXSW conference brings celebrities, movers, and shakers from all ends of the entertainment and technology industries. This iconic festival celebrates the convergence of technology, music, and film.

Visit the State Capitol

They say, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and in this case, that’s true. The Austin State Capitol building is bigger than the United States Capitol building! However, if size doesn’t impress you, the history of Texas just might.

Hike Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell, located in Covert Park, is the city’s highest point. The mountain is 781 feet tall and is a perfect place to get panoramic views of the cityscape below.

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