The Best of Raleigh, North Carolina, as Told by a Local!

If you’re new to Raleigh or visiting the area. It’s a welcoming city, it’s progressive (for the most part!) and as the capital of a gorgeous state, we think it’s the best.

Here’s the best of Raleigh, according to us, sharing our thoughts on categories like where to get coffee, beers, New York-style pizza, cocktails, brunch, and more.

Best New York Style Pizza in Raleigh

Hands down, the best New York-style pizza in Raleigh is at Oakwood Pizza Box, which is in the historic Oakwood neighborhood of Raleigh.

Best Beers and Brews in Raleigh

Beer is obviously a very personal thing. The best beers in Raleigh could depend on if you like Pilsners or IPAs.

The Best Nachos in Raleigh

We crave Wilson’s Eatery nachos over and over again! We get their pork nachos to split and it’s perfect (which you can get without pork, too).

Best Pastries in Raleigh

LucetteGrace, which has the best French style pastries and cakes, all made fresh, onsite.

Best Sushi in Raleigh

The best sushi in downtown Raleigh is Sushi O and Sushi Mon. Sushi Blues is right across from Sushi O, but – in our humble opinion – it’s not good.

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