The Best of Raleigh, NC From a Local!

We’ve been downtown Raleigh residents since 2014. This means that we know the best of Raleigh, according to our standards of food, ambiance, and enjoyment, that is.

If you’re new to Raleigh or visiting the area. It’s a welcoming city, it’s progressive  and as the capital of a gorgeous state, we think it’s the best.

Best Bread in Raleigh

This may seem like a weird one to include, but fresh bread in Raleigh has become one of our favorite things about the city.

Best Outdoor Dining in Downtown Raleigh

The inside and outside are completely different environments, even though they serve the same food.

5 out of 5

We crave Wilson’s Eatery nachos over and over again! We get their pork nachos to split and it’s perfect.

The Best Nachos in Raleigh

Best Pastries in Raleigh

LucetteGrace, which has the best French style pastries and cakes, all made fresh, onsite.

Best Sushi in Raleigh

The best sushi in downtown Raleigh is Sushi O and Sushi Mon. Sushi Blues is right across from Sushi O, but – in our humble opinion – it’s not good.

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