The  Best Activities in Molokai

Molokai is the fifth-largest of the Hawaiian islands measuring 38 miles long by 10 miles wide. It lies 25 miles east of Oahu across the 25-mile wide Ka’iwi Channel, north of Lanai.

Many of the other Hawaiian islands are visible from the shores of Molokai. You can see Maui from the eastern shores and both Oahu and Lanai from the south shores.

Is Molokai Worth Visiting?

Molokai is everything that Maui and Oahu are not. There is very little tourism, the island is incredibly laid back, there are no luxury resorts and you will often find the beaches empty.

The Best Things to do in Molokai:

Molokai Mule ride to Kalaupapa - It may seem hard to believe that the Molokai leper colony still exists in this day and age but the Kalaupapa National Historic Park houses a tragic part of Hawaiian history.

The Best Beaches in Molokai

5 out of 5

Papohaku Beach - Papohaku is on the western end of the island and provides three miles of stunningly sandy beach.

Hike the Halawa Valley to Moa’ula Falls

As you get closer to the Halawa Valley, the road becomes extremely twisty with a few hairpin turns and switchbacks that may leave some travelers prone to car sickness.

Scenic Flight to see the Molokai Sea cliffs

They offer one-hour scenic flights which fly by the cliffs and the length of Molokai’s coral reefs or they offer a flight plus tour package which includes the round trip flight.

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