The Best Activities for Children in Ottawa

A visit to Canada isn’t complete without a stop in the capital city, Ottawa. Although many people assume the capital city is Toronto, Ottawa has held the title since 1857.

It began as a militaristic hub but has grown into the cultural centre many Canadians have come to love and we have listed the best things to do in Ottawa to get your adventure started.

Parliament Tour

It’s one of the most ornate buildings in the country, with a hint at our 150+ year history with its classic architecture.

Rideau Canal

Stop by the Rideau Canal’s lock system to see why it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ottawa Tulip Festival

Each year, we receive a shipment of flowers that turns Dow’s Lake into a hub of tulip-viewing splendour.

Visiting the Museums

Children will love the Canada Science & Technology Museum and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, where they can interact with the exhibits.

Going on a Food Tour

Culinary Adventure Co runs a fantastic tour that will help you learn more about the city while filling your belly with the most amazing treats.

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