Stunning  Fall Drives in Every State

Every state has at least one fantastic drive through gorgeous autumnal scenery that is sure to make your jaw drop.

Ready to hit the road for an autumnal adventure?  Read here to see these stunning fall drives in every state.

Alaska: Seward Highway

Running from Anchorage to the seaside town of Seward, this highway offers breathtaking views of 3,000-foot peaks, dramatic shorelines, and the Kenai Peninsula.

Colorado: Guanella Pass

Once a burro trail, Colorado’s now-paved Guanella Pass takes road trippers on 22 miles through the Rockies Playground.

Connecticut: Merritt Parkway

Merritt Parkway takes drivers on a leisurely ride along Connecticut’s Gold Coast, over remarkable bridges and passing by majestic old trees bursting with fall colors.

Indiana: Ohio River Scenic Byway

Take in the beauty of Southern Indiana on the Ohio River Scenic Byway, which runs for hundreds of miles along the river.

Montana: Loop around Flathead Lake

See the yellows, reds, and oranges of fall burst against the backdrop of the mountains on a drive around Flathead Lake in Montana.

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