Struggling Airlines Turn to Premium Leisure Travel to Boost Revenue

The pandemic all but decimated business travel, but it also gave rise to an emerging travel trend that airlines are now heavily investing in.

As a result, premium leisure travel is on pace to surpass pre-covid levels, and premium economy seating is the driving force.

Premium Economy Seating is a premium class of air travel that offers passengers the opportunity to experience first-class amenities at an affordable price.

This type of service typically includes spacious seats, priority boarding and disembarking, dedicated check-in areas, extra legroom, and complimentary three-course meals, drinks, or snacks.

5 out of 5

From my travel experiences to over 30 countries in the past ten years, Delta has one of the best premium economy seatings on international flights.

Delta offers wide-body aircraft that are Boeing 757s and Airbus 320s. Different upgrades are offered at different prices for people who want to enjoy themselves before landing at their destination.

They offer things like wine or wine cocktails for people to enjoy during the flight. Their inflight Internet is also free-of-charge to customers in the premium economy.

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