Steps for Making Your Own Travel Checklist

One way to alleviate some of that travel-related stress is to be prepared by using a travel checklist or two.

Doing so will help to ensure you pack what you need (without forgetting anything) and are prepared before you leave on your trip.

How to Start a Travel Checklist: Determine What You Need for Your Trip

What you need to pack and how far in advance you should prepare when traveling depends on a few things.

1. Your Destination

International travel requires more advanced planning to ensure you have the right travel visas, up-to-date vaccines or immunizations, and a valid passport.

2. Travel Companions

Share your travel checklist with your friends so you all can pack light!

3. How Long You’ll Be Travelling

A small suitcase, backpack, or carry-on will be sufficient for a weekend getaway or overnight business trip. But it might not be enough space for longer trips.

4. Your Accommodations 

If you’re staying in a hotel, they typically provide toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and soap and have hairdryers and towels in the bathrooms.

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