Most Iconic Amusement Park in Every US State

Whether you’re looking for world record extreme thrills, local gems, or water park family fun, the United States has the most amusement parks in the world to choose from.

Year-round, America’s theme parks make for great day trips, a thrilling part of any vacation, and a great screen-free way to spend quality time together.

Alabama’s OWA Amusement Park

This theme park features 22 rides from the thrilling Air Racer Roller Coaster to classics like the spinning teacups and concerts, shows, and holiday events.

Alaska’s Pioneer Park

Experience the Alaska of 100 years ago, the history of the state, and the thrills of a theme park all in one place.

Arizona’s Castle N’ Coasters

5 out of 5

Castles N’ Coasters offers 20 rides and thrill-seeking attractions for the entire family. Located in Phoenix, this 10-acre amusement park.

Arkansas’ Magic Springs

Magic Springs Theme & Water Park is one of the top family-friendly parks in the country.

California’s first theme park started a simple roadside berry stand. As it grew, the Knott family built a western-themed town to entertain their long lines of customers.

California’s Knott’s Berry Farm

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