List of Kid-Friendly Products for Home & Travel 

We have compiled a list of our absolute must-have’s when it comes to kids.

Whether it is something to use or enjoy when traveling or something that entertains kids when we are at home, this is our ultimate list of kid-friendly finds.


It’s a mind-stimulating, creative and fun way to spend time. A sequence is the best game for when you want an activity that can be played with friends or family members of all ages! is one of the few online learning games out there that makes learning fun for kids and is totally free.

5 out of 5

Studiostone Creative – Soapstone Carving Kits

Studiostone Creative offers single and double carving kits. The options include bear, cat, eagle, elephant, lion, orca, rhinoceros, seal, turtle and wolf.

Letters From Afar

It has been such a delightful way for all of us to learn about other countries in a fun, organic way.

Warriors Book Series by Erin Hunter

Warriors is a series of novels based on the adventures and drama of multiple Clans of feral cats.

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