The  Best  Wine Tours and Wineries in Kamloops

If you’re looking for some wine to enjoy, or just want a day out on the town, Kamloops is the place to go! Here are our top picks for Kamloops wine tours and wineries.

Thompson Valley Wine Region

The Thompson Valley is one of the northernmost wine regions in BC and is classified as semi-arid.

Kamloops Wine Trail

The Kamloops wine trail consists of 4 licensed wineries and 125 acres of vineyards. The Thompson Valley region is easily accessible.

Kamloops Wine Tours DiVine Tours

They offer the following Kamloops wine tours: – Kamloops Wine Trail– Wineries and Wildlife Tour

My Kamloops Wine Trail Tour Experience First stop: Privato Vineyard

I have long been a fan of their Pinot Noir which has won several awards.

Second Stop: Harper’s Trail Estate Winery

I enjoy a good wine tasting where dynamic conversation is encouraged.

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