Johnson Lake BC is the Perfect Day Trip

Johnson Lake BC is known around our area as the “Caribbean of the North” with its unbelievable crystal clear water and the multi-coloured shades of blue and green.

Johnson Lake BC is located at 3800 feet elevation so the weather from Sun Peaks is the most accurate as they are both at similar elevations.

How to Get to Johnson Lake

Johnson Lake, BC is a ninety-minute drive from Kamloops and Shuswap and the best way to get there is to take Hwy 5 to Agate Bay Road at Louis Creek.

What to Bring for a Day at Johnson Lake, BC Johnson Lake is remote and takes effort to visit. We must all do our part to protect the fragile ecosystem while enjoying the clean wilderness area.

5 out of 5

Paddle Boarding on Johnson Lake We brought an inflatable paddleboard with us which is amazing to travel with because it easily folds up into a travel bag.

Fishing at Johnson Lake BC

We brought along our tackle box to do some fishing and see if we could catch some fish.

Hiking and Biking Trails

While we did not do any hiking or biking during our visit to Johnson Lake, there is the Johnson Lake Trail System that offers trails in varying lengths from 3 km to 22 km long.

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