How to  Pack Like a Pro Using These 8 Easy Steps

The entire packing process gets me excited for our next family travel adventure, but more importantly, it reduces my travel anxiety by following my tried and true formula.

I have developed these family travel packing tips over the last decade, and it has saved me from major disasters (*gasp* expired passports) many times over.

Step One –  Check Passports!

The first item on my family travel packing tips list is to pull out our passports and Nexus cards two weeks before departure.

Step Two –  Pull out Luggage

I find by laying out our luggage gives me a good visual idea of how much space we have to pack and what carryons we will require later in the packing process.

Step Three  – First Packing Attempt

This first packing attempt will end up with far more things than I actually need, but that is ok because it is part of my tried and true family packing protocol.

Step Four  – Get Required Foreign Currency

One week before departure is when I go to our bank and get out any required foreign currency.

Step Five  – Pack Clothes in Luggage

Three days before departure, I go through my pile of clothes and physically pack them into my luggage to see if everything fits. This is my 2nd trial packing run.

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