How To  Get A  Cheap  Rental Car

When looking back on vacation, you remember the experiences, the places, but not so much the transportation you chose. Getting affordable rental car rates is getting more challenging these days.

If you are trying to decide between getting a cheap rental car and picking something a bit more fun, here are some helpful tips to maximize your budget.

Book Economy

Economy cars are the lowest rate available in a car rental. Unfortunately, they are also the most likely to be completely booked. When you complete the booking, you might get an upgrade to a larger vehicle.

Check out Turo

Turo is kind of like Airbnb for cars. It allows people to rent out their cars directly to people. Often you can get better rates on vehicles through Turo than the major providers.

Avoid the Airports

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Airports can be convenient if you are flying into the city. However, they are also more expensive than other locations around town. Higher prices are because the airport itself charges a fee to the rental company. The rental company then passes this fee onto the customer.

Costco Membership

Costco has negotiated with the major car rental companies to have discounts on rentals. Costco membership is one of the most accessible group rates to be a part of because Costco membership has so many other benefits.

Group Pricing

There are discounts negotiated for employers, AAA, and various professional organizations. One example of a professional organization that has deals is AIA for architects. They have value through Hertz.

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