Hikes  with Beautiful Views in Kamloops

Kamloops is known for some pretty spectacular hiking trails. There are hiking trails for every kind of hiker.

If you are visiting, these nine Kamloops hikes are a great way to see the city from different viewpoints and take in the beautiful scenery from every angle.

The Tower Trail at Kenna Cartwright Park The Tower Trail is an easy 3.4 kilometre hike that is perfect for families and can be accomplished by young children.

Battle Bluff Kamloops The trail will take roughly 1.5 hours as it climbs through forest and grasslands to reach an open ridge with views across Kamloops Lake.

The Perimeter Trail at Rosehill Park This 1.5 kilometre trail around the Kamloops Disc Golf Course is a very easy hike with beautiful views of the Thompson Valley.

The trail up to the top is a steady incline the entire way, but when you see those views, you will be glad you made the effort.

Gibraltar Rock Hike at Paul Lake

If you are looking for an outdoor lifestyle, Kamloops is the place for you with endless opportunities and activities and beautiful sunshine all year long.

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