Fun  Things to Do in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was once known primarily for its steel production and affectionately named the Steel City.

This story will cover everything you need to know from getting around, where to stay and the top things to do in Pittsburgh, PA.

Catch a game at one of the various sporting events

Pittsburgh is home to some of the biggest names in major US sports leagues like the Pittsburgh Steelers football team and the Penguins hockey team.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Connected to the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History goes all the way back to cave dwellers and the start of civilization.

The Warhol Museum

5 out of 5

The Museum is a great daytime activity or date night destination. It’s located on the North Shore, making it easy to loop in with other nearby activities.

National Aviary

The National Aviary, located on the North Side, is home to impressive animals like owls, penguins, many different birds, and even a sloth!

Kayak on the North Shore

An excellent summertime activity in Pittsburgh is kayaking from the North Shore. You get a front-row seat to The Point and see the Pittsburgh skyline from multiple angles.

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