Free Things  to do in Cocoa Beach, Florida

This beach town is a must-see destination on the East Coast, with musical performances, the Cocoa Beach Air Show, cultural museums, and even some of the most fabulous shopping.

Continue reading for a simple rundown of enjoyable and free things to do in Cocoa Beach, broken down into bite-sized portions.

Hang Out at the Westgate Pier in Cocoa Beach

Tourists can find a diverse variety of gift shops, rental stores, diners, and live music along the raised promenade.

Visit the Florida Surf Museum to Discover about Legends of the Waves

Visitors may learn about Florida‘s status as one of the world’s surfing hotspots for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

At Manatee Sanctuary Park, Take a Selfie

The Manatee Sanctuary Park recognizes these friendly sea cows by bordering the Banana River, a protected manatee habitat.

Take a picture with Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater, regarded as one of the greatest surfers of all time, personally greets all tourists and residents of Cocoa Beach, metaphorically speaking.

When is the Best Time to Visit Cocoa Beach, Florida?

Summer, which runs from June to August, is another popular tourist season. Warm, sunny, and long days are forecast for a fun day at the beach.

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