FlyOver Las Vegas Will  Make You Feel Like You Are Flying

With special effects and 6 points of motion, FlyOver Las Vegas and FlyOver Vancouver are the closest things you can ever experience to flying.

If you want to feel that unmistakable feeling of flight, FlyOver is a must-see attraction.

From The Talents Of A Visionary

FlyOver offers visitors almost 9 minutes of pure magic, showcasing 8K high definition productions on a 52.5-foot wide spherical screen.

Las Vegas’ Hottest New Attraction

There are endless attractions in Las Vegas vying for visitors’ attention in sin city, but FlyOver in Las Vegas has become one of the hottest attractions in town.

Two theaters at FlyOver Las Vegas currently show The Real Wild West and Legendary Iceland. However, the FlyOver experience isn’t just about the ride.

Before you enter the rides boarding area, you can relax at The Lost Cactus Bar. The cocktails are simply some of the best in Vegas and are an experience themselves.

As you enter the pre-show room, you will be immediately transported to the film’s location. The story will unfold before your eyes, revealing more about the film location’s history and culture.

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