Family Travel Packing Tips: How to Pack Like a Pro

Our family is team carryon and we love traveling light so we don’t miss any connections because our bags didn’t make it on the plane.

Many of these travel items make traveling so much easier and you may want to add a few for your next vacation.

Step One – Check Passports!

When I start packing for a big trip, the first item on my family travel packing tips list is to pull out our passports and Nexus cards two weeks before departure.

Step Two – Pull out Luggage

I go through each piece checking for items left from our last trip and cleaning or fixing anything that requires it.

Step Three – First Packing Attempt

This first packing attempt will end up with far more things than I actually need, but that is ok because it is part of my tried and true family packing protocol.

Step Four – Get Required Foreign Currency

One week before departure is when I go to our bank and get out any required foreign currency.

Step Five – Pack Clothes in Luggage

I use the roll technique and packing cubes, giving me a good idea if I’m overpacking or have room to add in a few more favorite items.

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