Family-Friendly  Dining Options  at Sun Peaks Grand

The restaurants at Sun Peaks Grand offer many family friendly options that made our stay a memorable one.

We loved the restaurants at Sun Peaks so much that they deserve an in-depth look on their own.

Mantles Restaurants at Sun Peaks Grand

It offers a family friendly dining option all day long and is committed to working with local ingredients.

Mantles Lounge

The open concept lounge is surrounded by windows to take in the views of the mountains or to people watch in the village.

Mantles Patio

It has the most extraordinary view of the mountains, and it is right in the heart of the village so you can watch the hustle and bustle too.

Morrisey’s Public House

The cozy seating on Morrisey’s patio with the table heaters are a big draw for us. The kids have room to relax and Morrisey’s famous nachos are a home run every time.

Takeout from Mantles Restaurant

Even though room service wasn’t available, we were able to get takeout from Mantles Restaurants at Sun Peaks Grand.

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