Essential  Dude Ranch Packing  List

Coming prepared will drastically improve your experience. Our essential dude ranch packing list promises to prepare you for an incredible vacation.

Many dude ranches feature an extensive list of activities that requires some preparation and an essential packing list.

Top 10 Essential Dude Ranch Packing List

 It not only protects you from the sun but most importantly it protects your arms from the branches that your horse will inevitably brush by.

Long Sleeve Roper Shirts

Western Style Jeans

Wrangler jeans fit over the top of cowboy boots, preventing anything from getting in your boots and keeps your socks dry and clean.

Cowboy Hat

5 out of 5

Wearing a cowboy hat during your horseback rides protects you from the sun and also protects your head when ducking under tree branches.

Cowboy Boots

Perhaps the most essential item on a dude ranch packing list is cowboy boots! They really are very comfortable and the raised heel makes riding a horse much easier.

Extra Socks

You will want to pack breathable socks that fit higher on your calf under your cowboy boots and some mid-length socks for your hiking shoes.

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