The Ultimate Sun Peaks Summer Weekend Family Getaway

This summer, traveling and exploring locally is at the top of our list, and what better way to start our summer off than a quick 40-minute drive to Sun Peaks from Kamloops, BC.

Sun Peaks summer getaways have many outdoor activities and outdoor dining options, and we were able to safely socially distance ourselves while still having fun.

Sun Peaks Summer Getaway – FRIDAY

We had the pleasure of staying in one of their deluxe guest rooms with two queen beds and a balcony, which came with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Sun Peaks Summer Geocaching

It is a great way to explore new locations, and it’s always fun for the boys when they are successful in finding the geocache.

5 out of 5

Sun Peaks Summer Getaway – SATURDAY

We called and ordered our breakfast, then just relaxed in our room until the restaurant let us know when it was ready to be picked up.

Sun Peaks Summer Hiking

Sun Peaks Resort has clearly put in great effort to try and keep everyone socially distanced and safe. There was signage everywhere, and I mean everywhere!

Sun Peaks Summer Progression Park

It has all sorts of downhill turns and jumps, and parts of it goes through the trees, which our boys love doing.

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