Caravan Packing Protocol

The key to my family packing protocol for a big trip requires starting two weeks before we depart on our trip.

The entire packing process gets me excited for our next family travel adventure, but more importantly, it reduces my travel anxiety by following my tried and true formula.

Step One – Check Passports!

The first item on my family travel packing tips list is to pull out our passports and Nexus cards two weeks before departure.

Step Two – Pull out Luggage

The same day I pull out our passports I also pull out our luggage that we plan to travel with and lay them out in our bedroom.

Step Three – First Packing Attempt

5 out of 5

Usually, this first packing attempt will end up with far more things than I actually need, but that is ok.

Step Four – Get Required Foreign Currency

One week before departure is when I go to our bank and get out any required foreign currency.

Step Five – Pack Clothes in Luggage

Three days before departure, I go through my pile of clothes and physically pack them into my luggage to see if everything fits.

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