The Best Activities in Molokai

Our story on The Best Activities to do in Molokai will take you on a tour of the fifth largest island in Hawaii known as the “Friendly Isle.”

It will take you from the highest sea cliffs in the world to a beautiful waterfall and everything in between, so be prepared to be adventurous when you visit this Hawaiian island.

Where is Molokai, HI?

It lies 25 miles east of Oahu across the 25-mile wide Ka’iwi Channel, north of Lanai separated by the Kalohi Channel and only 8 miles to the west of Maui.

Is Molokai Worth Visiting?

If you want a vacation to slow down and get away from it all, Molokai just might be what you are looking for.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Molokai?

We have visited Molokai pretty much every month of the year and our answer is always the same. Anytime is a good time to visit Molokai.

How to Get to Molokai

The only way to get to Molokai is by airplane. There used to be a ferry that ran between Maui and Molokai but unfortunately, that is no longer in service.

The Best Beaches in Molokai

Papohaku Beach

As beautiful as this beach is, it is best enjoyed from the safety of the beach as it has sharp hidden coral reefs and swift, treacherous rip currents.

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