Activities for Kids in Seattle that are Fun!

Every year on spring break I take my boys on a road trip. My husband usually stays home to work and I take the opportunity to take them somewhere new for all of us to explore.

It is usually centred around kid-friendly activities and for this trip, I chose to explore Seattle with kids. It’s an easy drive for us and it is one of my favourite cities.

Seattle Children’s Museum

There are a number of hands-on exhibits for kiddos to explore, and daily educational programs or activities that are FREE with the cost of admission.

The Dunn Lumber Construction Zone

They both love to build things at home and everything from the nuts and bolts to boards were oversized and perfect for their little hands.

The Imagination Studio

The Imagination Studio was where we spent the bulk of our time. The boys both fell in love with the glass that they could draw on and use a spray bottle to wipe off.

Woodland Park Zoo

The next morning we headed to Woodland Park Zoo and found the parking there to be very easy. We started off with the Giraffes which is always a crowd-pleaser.

Family Fun Center in Tukwila

The boys headed straight for Kidopolis Playland which is a massive four-level indoor soft playground.

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