Johnson Lake BC is the Perfect Day Trip

Living in the interior of British Columbia we are blessed with mountains and lakes and scenery that can take your breath away.

Johnson Lake BC is known around our area as the “Caribbean of the North” with its unbelievable crystal clear water and the multi-coloured shades of blue and green.

What to Bring for a Day at Johnson Lake

– Camping chairs  – Picnic blanket – Cooler and lots of food and water – Waterproof sunscreen and hat

What to Bring for a Day at Johnson Lake,

– Towels – Sandals or flip flops – Life Jackets – Garbage bag  – Toilet paper

5 out of 5

– Canoe & Kayak – Stand Up Paddleboarding – Swimming and snorkeling – Fishing for Trout

Things to do at Johnson Lake in BC

Is There Camping at Johnson Lake BC?

There are only 12 campsites available at Johnson Lake Forestry Rec Site and they are on a first-come, first-served basis.

How Far is Johnson Lake from Kamloops?

Johnson Lake is an easy ninety-minute drive from Kamloops. The final 6kms to the lake are full of potholes and makes for a rough drive.

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