6 Hikes in  Banff That  Will Take Your Breath Away

Banff National Park, the oldest national park in Canada, is known for its turquoise lakes, glaciers views, wildlife, and endless hiking trails.

With hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails, it’s overwhelming to choose where to go—this guide of six breathtaking Banff hikes is suitable for all levels.

Boom Lake

Boom Lake is an easy lesser-known hike in Banff National Park, probably because it’s not very close to hubs like Banff town or Lake Louise.

Lake Minnewanka Shoreline

Lake Minnewanka is one of the most popular lakes in Banff. It lies only 10 km from town, and the trail along the lake is accessible year-round.

Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots

Johnston Canyon is located along Bow Valley Parkway, about 25 km west of Banff.

Mount St. Piran

Mount Saint Piran is one of the peaks around the famous Lake Louise.

Aylmer Lookout

Aylmer Lookout is located above Lake Minnewanka. You start on the same trail as described above as Lake Minnewanka Shoreline.

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