10  Spectacular Hikes in Vancouver

Hikers from across the continent come to Vancouver to experience its incredible natural landscapes.

Vancouver is packed with versatile scenic hikes meandering through the old rainforests with lush greenery or passing through an outgrowth of steep alpines.

Joffre Lakes

The trail runs for 10 kilometers covering three parts of the pure turquoise lake, incredibly pure and pristine.

Twin Falls and the 30 Foot Pool

You can always stop midway for picture breaks and capture the astounding nature scenes around.

Eagle Bluffs Via Black Mountain Trail

Hikers experience a beautiful passage through serene and green forests along with numerous subalpine lakes the entire way.

The Grouse Grind

The incredible hiking sport at Grouse Grind involves climbing up 3000 stairs with an extreme elevation gain of 800 m over only 3 km.

Dog Mountain

Dog Mountain is one of the most renowned hiking trails in Mount Seymour Provincial Park.

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