10 Interesting Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

Portland is a city best experienced slowly, with an emphasis on exploring the small businesses that make the city special and unique.

From vegan buffets to plant-based dog treats and artisanal donuts, if you’re searching for something unique and slightly niche, chances are that you can find it in Portland.

Meander the Shelves at Powell’s Books

In a city chock full of small businesses ranging from food carts to plant stores, Powell’s Books is among the most famous.

Eat at a Food Cart

Portland is known for its food cart culture, and across the city, you’ll find collections of food carts.

5 out of 5

Explore Portland’s Green Spaces

In addition to donuts and food carts, Portland is also known for its parks and urban green spaces.

Experience the Waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge

Just outside the city, you’ll find a collection of incredible, towering waterfalls that are a staple of any trip to Oregon.

Portland International Rose Test Garden

On a hill above downtown Portland, with a fantastic view of nearby Mount Hood and the Portland skyline, you’ll find the International Rose Test Garden.

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